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5mm w/pad Luna Bianca Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Tile Flooring 12 in. Wide x 24 in. Long

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5mm w/pad Luna Bianca Waterproof Rigid Vinyl Tile Flooring 12 in. Wide x 24 in. Long

Lifetime Warranty


Experience the moonlit allure of Luna Bianca. With its luminous white tones and realistic stone texture, this vinyl flooring transforms spaces with a serene, celestial charm. Ideal for brightening up areas while providing the practical benefits of modern vinyl.

This flooring brings an airy, open feel to spaces, making it an excellent match for contemporary or minimalist aesthetics. Its bright white tone serves as a perfect canvas for vibrant accents and statement pieces, while also complementing the understated elegance of a monochrome color palette. It’s especially striking in rooms with abundant natural light.

Luna Bianca flooring is as practical as it is beautiful. Its waterproof qualities ensure that it can withstand the rigors of daily life, even in areas prone to spills and humidity. From bustling family kitchens to tranquil spa-like bathrooms, Luna Bianca maintains its allure and protection against moisture and daily wear.


  • Installation Grade: Above grade, on grade, below grade
  • Installation Type: Click
  • Width: 12 in.
  • Length: 24 in.
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Wear Layer: 12mils
  • High-density IXPE pad attached to waterproof plank
  • Kid and Pet Proof—our SPC rigid vinyl flooring brings you our best dent resistance
  • Warranty Type: Residential Lifetime, 15-Year Limited Light Commercial Warranty, 5-Year Limited Heavy Commercial Warranty


QuietWalk MaxEcoSilencer Max, & QuietWalk Versa underlayments are recommended for use under Vinyl flooring. QuietBoard underlayment is also recommended with the use of our waterproof Underlayment Seal Tape on the seams to maintain the warranty. These quality underlayments help smooth out minor subfloor imperfections, provide moisture protection over wood subfloors or concrete (Class 1 vapor protection or 6mil Poly attached), and have added insulation and sound control properties.

This floor is waterproof, however, moisture intrusions from concrete via hydrostatic pressure, flooding, or plumbing leaks, along with high levels of alkalinity, can affect floor coverings over time.

Moisture can also be trapped below the flooring and create mildew or mold.

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Wide – 6" – 7.9"