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Hardwood Refinishing

Is your hardwood floor showing signs of wear and tear? Instead of replacing it, allow us to breathe new life into it with our Flooring Solutions Services. At Constantin Floors, we specialize in hardwood floor refinishing, a transformative process that can rejuvenate your old hardwood floors to look as good as new.

Step 1 :
Sanding Hardwood Floor

Begin the journey to stunning, revitalized hardwood floors through sanding. Additionally, our dedicated team meticulously eliminates the current finish, scratches, and flaws from your floors, unveiling the pristine wood beneath.

Step 2 :
Staining Hardwood Floor

Maintain stable humidity to prevent gapping and warping, while regular cleaning and polishing add further defense against hardwood floor damage.

Step 3 :
Finishing Hardwood Floor

The last stage involves applying a premium finish, which not only shields your hardwood floors but also imparts a, long-lasting shine. Opt for different finishes such as matte, satin, or high-gloss, based on your preferred aesthetic.

Concrete Leveling

Level Up Your Surfaces with Concrete Solutions

Concrete leveling essential in our Flooring Solutions Services, efficiently corrects uneven or sunken surfaces like driveways and sidewalks. This process uses specialized materials to lift and level the concrete surface, addressing safety concerns and improving the area’s aesthetics. Moreover, concrete leveling extends the lifespan of the concrete, providing long-lasting results while minimizing the need for full replacement. Concrete leveling is a cost-effective and less disruptive option for property owners seeking efficient repairs, offering convenient solution over replacement.

When it comes to concrete leveling, entrusting the project to our experienced Constantin Floors team, renowned for our Flooring Solutions Services, ensures a seamless and reliable execution. Our team possesses the expertise and equipment necessary to complete the job with precision. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that we deliver exceptional results that meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

A picture of a concrete level with flooring cement and tools used in concrete leveling.

Subfloor Leveling

Smooth Foundations, Elevated Floors: Subfloor Leveling Solutions

A picture of during subflooring process with cement and tools used in the process.

Subfloor leveling an integral part of our Flooring Solutions Services, is a crucial process in ensuring the stability and integrity of flooring installation. Subfloor leveling creates a flat surface for installing hardwood, tile, or laminate by correcting uneven or sloping subfloors. The subfloor serves as the foundation for the flooring material, and any irregularities can lead to issues such as cracked tiles, squeaky floors, or uneven surfaces. Subfloor leveling may be necessary in both new construction projects and renovations, where existing subfloors may have settled or become uneven over time.

Our Constantin team guarantees a reliable outcome with their skilled professionals equipped with the necessary knowledge and advanced equipment. With our dedication to excellence and client contentment, rest assured that we’ll surpass your expectations and furnish results to your specifications. Trust us for all your Flooring Solutions Services needs.